The First Daze

So i decided to upgrade from my 1995 voice activated, baby blue diary from Marukai to blogging. I gotta admit it’s quite a BIG step since I’m obviously a handful of years behind in this game. The idea of sharing random thoughts, one-sided opinions, and eye-candy to those who care seemed rather cool, thus, Takuma’s blog was born! I’ll try to update whenever I can (in-between meals, classes, work, & s***) to keep ya’ll up to beat with what’s up in SF & LA through my eyeballs.

By the way, Mellifluent Daze came from adjoining the adjective “mellifluent”, meaning smoothly flowing and my clever use of word play of days with “daze”. Although not everything is ever-so smoothly flowing, I like to think that it does just so this blog title makes sense. With that being said, I am excited to fill your brains with useful/less material.

WE without the E up

Hajimemashite, Takuma

WARNING?: I dig olivia munn and some other stuff shit COOL things a lot so there may be an overwhelming amount of posts on those subjects.


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