Hard(ly) Work

Did you know that it was Friday?

I just got off a 6teen hour workday and definitely feeling grouchy. “Why so grouchy, Takuma?”. Well, here are a few reasons: (1.) I had TOGO’s for the first time and that place SUCKS (2.) the tuna sandwich tasted like bottlenose dolphin meat [I’m Japanese so I would know what that tastes like] (3.) received horrible bad news that Ike’s might get evicted soon (4.) mosquito bit my ring finger (5.) couldn’t go to Off the Grid and (6.) I MISSED THE FAR EAST MOVEMENT SHOW. I’m not their biggest fan or anything but I think “Like a G6” is the dopest track of the summer. Plus Dev (the girl singer) featured in that track is very cute…and I know all you guys (& gals) who peeped the music video can agree that Erica Ocampo is the bizz. Wait…but you ask “Doesn’t that conflict with the wifey?”. Yes and No. Olivia Munn is always on top (that’s what she said) but that’s why we have 2nd place (hahaha take that Boston & all you Anti-Laker bandwagonners). Whew, it must be late because this post is not flowing smoothly.

Aside from all this random, I’m stoked to work this Sunday so I can share with all you guys (if anybody is actually folowing this) what I get to see on my job. It’s the best reward next to getting my paycheck so cross your fingers in hopes that I don’t forget my camera.

ok it’s late and I’m kinda buggin’ out. have some nonsense:



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