Haste Makes Waste

Besides getting smashed on by a stack of 48 fancy shmancy chairs, my last day of work for the summer ended on a good note. I’m really hoping that my boss would keep me throughout the school year as just a once-day-a-week employee so I can still recite “money in da bank, shawty what you drank” on the weekends. Anyways, I brought my not-so-steezy digital camera with me to work to capture some SF scenery (the photos obviously don’t do it justice). All during the time I was working, I thought to myself how lucky I was to have gotten the opportunity to have experienced first-hand the wedding industry as well as being able to see almost everything of what SF has to offer. Which is why I dwelled on the phrase “Haste makes waste”. The obvious inference that people make from this phrase is that if you rush to do something, you’re going to screw up. I kind of took that logic but applied it to how people live on the daily; (most) people tend to hustle & bustle, whether it’s to get to work or school, and naturally dismiss the idea of just taking a moment to recognize how nice life is. No matter how crappy your day may have been, take 5 minutes out of the day to appreciate the sights of your surroundings. And if you can’t see, then listen to the sounds. And if you can’t do either, then take a deep breath. I’m not trying to get all jedi or anything on ya, but if you hastely burn each day, you would essentially be wasting the days away. Here, this guy displays “Haste makes waste” by hastely crossing the street wasted and beefed it as he tried to step over the curb:

(whew) Soooo… after work, the homie Kyle and I went over to the Grijalva (pronounced grih-JAL-vah, no silent J’s. We’re in America. We only do silent G’s & H’s here, c’mon!) girls’ house for some primo sangria. I’ve tried a few sangrias before but I must admit that Julie and Shelly make the best ones so far – tasted like Hawaiian Punch which ironically delivered the punch after 2 glasses. On top of the sangrias, I was introduced to the most f***ing adorable dog ever. 2-month old Cali is the dopest pitbull with the meanest bite (truuuust). I bid farewell to Cali and we rolled to the homegirls’ E-40, I mean Tiff, and Hana’s new place. Kicked back a few brews and exchanged stories (our boring summer in SF vs. Hana’s 35-day Eurotrip). A 6-pack later, it was onward to the bars down on Noriega because it is CRACKIN’ on Sunday nights. haha. Jokes aside, it was really relaxing to chill with friends. Oh yeah, I found myself to agree with Tiff that Jameson elicits angry behavior…that Braveheart attitude. But that was just because there was a little misunderstanding between some dumb asian dude and I. Nonetheless, it was a cool night. The weekend has come to an end but I’m homeward bound this Tuesday via G6, like a G6… au revoir

Congrats to Justin (Obi) of Timeless Brand clothing for his work to hit production! SHOP: ( http://timelessbrand.bigcartel.com/ ) [ http://www.timelessbrand.net/blog/ ]

The Xx is playing up in Oakland, September 23rd: http://events.sfgate.com/oakland-ca/events/show/124628985-the-xx


j.dilla x jamiroquai. vibed with stussy.

DFD. “i swig on 40 ounces, she sips on champagne. she has a huge backyard, i do the landscapin’//i get her single roses, she gets me Laker tickets. call her on my prepaid phone when i can’t wait to kick it.” love it love it love it.

sooo dope. i get chills everytime i listen to it.

“Hehehe Ha Hehe Ho Hehe!”

“Everyday is a gift. That’s why we call it present.”


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