Like Amoeba, Player

Just got home from SF and it feels goooood to be back! But before I was to head home, I had to hit up Ike’s. For those of you who don’t know, Ike’s sandwich shop (16th & Sanchez) is being evicted and they’re closing up shop on August 26th. I unintentionally became a big sandwich fanatic up in SF after eating at a few sandwich joints including New Morning Cafe, Corner Cafe, Little Lucca’s, and of course, Ike’s Place. Whatever you do, DO NOT go to Togo’s for a sandwich…that crap is worse than Subway. I tried looking for some primo sandwich joints around Torrance and miserably failed. OK, scratch that. Giuliano’s is always bomb. I’m not gonna trip about not finding a bomb place to eat back home though because LA’s got good bomb food. Plus, there’s a Yoshinoya down on Hawthorne & Lomita (HUZZAH!). On a serious note though, for those of you in the bay area, you guys should stop by Ike’s for good eats (6pm-9pm is Happy Hour there and you get a free drink & bag of chips with every order!).

Despite the fact that I boarded my plane a tad bit late, resulting in me sitting in-between two power tripping businessmen (they were shorter than me by like 2 feet, yet they kept rubbing knees with me and putting their elbows in my seat area on the armrest as if to establish dominance), I survived the hour & a half flight. It’s hard not to put a grin on your face when you get off the plane and walk through LAX. You know it feels good to come back home! As soon as I got to baggage claim, I already knew it was going to be a good last leg of my summer because the automated security intercom was of a lady with THE worst British accent I’ve ever heard. I started cracking up by myself then self-consciously looked around to see if anybody saw me and to my surprise, I caught 3 other girls laughing while looking up as if the “British” lady was speaking right above them. Yup, I’m glad there are people who share my same sense of humor.

So I got home and was immediately welcomed by the aromatic smell of tonkatsu. Now that I think about it, the food said wassup to me before my mom did. Got to eat a lot of much needed home-cooked food while watching The Office marathon on tv. I’m a simple dude so I was content with my welcome home so far, but it only gets better. I forgot my mom went to Olivia Munn’s book signing and she got me S.W.A.G. (Stuff We All Get – if you watch the office you would understand haha). I don’t read for leisure but this would be the FIRST book I would ever read voluntarily. Olivia Munn was so dope that she hooked it up with customized lollipops, an autographed poster & book, and signed a photo of me (I don’t know why my mom brought a photo of me to her). THANKS MAMA! I’m pretty stoked for what’s ahead. Alright, time to get started on this book. See you on the flip side, la-ter!

you already know.

Planet Asia always got that heater.



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