Tekking It Eeseh

Happy Hump Day.

Today was the most relaxing day I’ve had all summer without being bored. And cold. In my room. Up in SF. Swizzy. Got to sleep-in til about 11:30 and hit up the homie, Chris, to grab grub at Shinsengumi for some oishii ramen. (I feel like “grab-grub” is a single word that can be used as in the following dialogue: ‘What you wanna do?’ / ‘Hmm…grab-grub from Panda?’ / ‘Yeah, let’s grab-grub.’). HAD to accompany the ramen with some Sapporo, of course*. We caught up with each other and talked about businesses (I don’t know too much about it but I enjoy giving my input as well as listening to the business world). We pretty much clowned on fools who think they’re on top of certain niche markets & people who think they’re the shit just because they have something that’s considered dope. I think for something to be considered dope is all up to the individual. To have full confidence in what you floss and not giving a crap what other people think of you is the coolest. Pretty sure that’s how trends are set yeah? I don’t know what I’m talking about so if you’re confused, feel free to laugh it off with me haha…ha…

*Speaking of Sapporo, my mom sent me a youtube video (from work haha) of a Sapporo commercial that I thought was really awesome. Scroll downskis to watch the video.*

Hump Day continues it’s course of chillness with me going WALKING to Delthorne Park with my two little & not-so-little brothers. I walked to the park with “Suck It, Wonder Woman!” in one hand and a strawberry kiwi Arizona in the other. There was no mistake that with the joining of these two powerful objects, I would be able to finish reading the rest of the book. And so I read and read and read while I basked in the sun with a calm & soothing breeze whisking through my hair. That was my pathetic attempt on imitating Orwell & Hawthorne. I suggest that when it’s sunny next time (which is almost everyday down here!) you should try to walk around rather than driving. Only if your destination is walking distance though, duh. You’ll probably notice things that you overlooked while mashing in your car.

On a random note, I saw an ice cream truck drive around blairing that annoying, not-cute-at-all musical chime at the park. I thought it was funny when I read the back of the truck exclaiming: CAUTION CHILDREN. I know it’s a cautionary for other drivers to slow down for children running up to get a choco taco, but at that moment, I interpreted it as a warning for children about the ice cream man. As if the ice cream man was some pedophile with a big warning sign slapped onto his back. Hope you enjoyed your day! Of Humping!


 cycling is simple. having fun is simple. therefore, cycling is fun!

“Hey! Tek it eeseh.” best movie ever. of all time.

Grab-Grub (ghrab ghrub): v. 1. the act of grabbing grub 2. to get food


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