J-town,K-town, elemenopee town

Got my grillz done cleaned today. Going to the dentist was the first thing I did today after waking up & changing clothes. So yeah, my badass didn’t brush the gold teeth because what’s the point, right? Unlike everybody else simply brushing their teeth this morning, I got my teeth cleaned, flossed, and polished today. Although the appointment was early, it felt awesome to have really clean teeth – Have you ever stuck your head out and grinned after you got your teeth cleaned?? It felt soooo good. I was beyond awake after cruising down Torrance Blvd. at 45mph with my head out the window smiling at oncoming traffic.

Went to DTLA to hit up Mobius ( www.shopmobius.com ) because I wanted to cop me a Timeless tee that the homie Justin (Obi) designed. Got a great parking spot just across the street, walked on over, and what do I find? A vacated shop filled nothing but with empty shelves. I was with my homie, Chris, and he just started laughing while I was kinda stunned in disbelief because I thought this shop was doing fairly well. Went next door to the Pinkberry and asked the girls working there (who were very nice to us – thanks!) and they told us that they were closed but I can still buy stuff from their online shop. Bummer. S’all good though because Little Tokyo was a stone’s throw away.

Headed to 1st & San Pedro for a late lunch at O-masa (pronounced OHH masa). It was my first time eating there and I liked it. It’s one of the few Japanese restaurants that’s owned and operated by actual nihonjins (majide?! yeah, it is.). Our waitress was really kind and it just so happened that I was wearing a shirt that looked just like the work uniform. I couldn’t resist asking her if it was cool to take a photo with me since we matched. She didn’t understand me so I had to ask her in Japanese and explain to her that we had the onnaji (same) shirt haha. I wish I took Japanese school more seriously. And didn’t cheat as much. Ahh…how I miss those daze…

Here’s some Friday tunes for all of you in lieu of this weekend’s basketball tournament in VEGAAAAS!

sober girls around me, they be acting like they drunk

lilly allen made a track dedicated for friday nights

uh huh, uh huh


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