Like a Snail in a Rain of Salt

I feel rejuvenated after coming home from a weekend in Vegas. Now that’s not what you hear someone say after coming home, right? Usually you’re a.) hungover b.) sunburnt c.) couple dollas richer d.) broke as a mutha or e.) all of the above. I went ahead and didn’t fill-in any of the bubbles because I decided to chill out & catch my brothers and sister play in the annual Hollywood Dodgers basketball tournament. I seriously done some major maxin’ da relaxin’ because I feel really at peace as I’m typing. Now although I got some bueno r&r, Vegas somehow got around to kick my ass in a way I would have never expected. First off, the homies Kyle and Daryl hit me up to go rage with them at Tao but I left my dress dancing shoes up in SF. You know how strict these clubs are…I think if you don’t have dress shoes but actually dance, you should be allowed admittance. I always see fools with dress shoes in clubs that do that weak back-n-forth-arms-bent-on-the-side-offbeat-sway. Yeah, I’m just hating. Fail #1. I forgot to look-up on the location of Stussy LV (which was frikkin the next street over from MGM!) since Haze did a piece for their 2-year anniversary. sigh. Fail #2. I guess Fail #2 can be put together with Fail #3 because in this Fail, I spent a lot of time shopping (minus the shopping) at the outlets. Eh, whatever. The last way Vegas kicked my butt was the intense heat. I’ve been in SF’s 54 degree froggy weather and all of a sudden took on Las Vegas’ 108 degree nonsense. I felt like a snail walking through salty rain.

OK enough monku’ing. I lie, one more half-monku. This week my family & I are hosting a Japanese kid (Yuya) from Kochi, Japan through the Yonsei Basketball organization. Oh how I miss those days… I have no idea what’s going on this week besides Disneyland being on the list of Things-To-Do later this week. It’s going to be an eventful week/weekend that’s for sure. Like Men’s Wearhouse, I guarantee it. Haahhaha.

I’ve gotta couple shout-outs: Wassup to J.Hays and Bree! SO DOPE running into you two at Barstow Carl’s Jr. haha! Better see ya both while I’m back home!! 😉
Congratulations to Jamie Hagiya for being selected as Princess Tomodachi, Kelli Teragawa for 1st Princess, and 2010’s Nisei Week Queen Lani Nishiyama. All the girls that participated in the Nisei Week pageant are beautiful!

Get yo’self to download Kanye & Perajok’s G.O.O.D. Ass Mixtape:

I need wanna cop this shirt. Steez for sure.

gimme, gimme, sym-pho-nies


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