The day started early with my family and I driving to LA for our homestay, Yuuya’s, first basketball game in this glorious country we know as the United States of America. The gym location was at Roybal Learning Center off of 1st Street; a multi-million dollar construction for this learning center (yes, it can fit normal-sized people unlike Zoolander’s Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good and Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good), which was not passed as being a high school or community college because it was built on top of a landfill. My shins and toes are glowing as you read this. So Yuuya and his Kochi, Japan basketball team played against the CBO All-Stars resulting in a 11 point loss. USA – 1, Japan – 0. I’m just messin’, I don’t keep score of wins-losses unless I’m playing. Right after the Boys played, the Girls team from Kochi played against the JAO All-Stars resulting in a 9 point loss. USA – 2, Japan – 0.

Between the boys’ & girls’ game, I decided to hit up Stussy LA since it wasn’t too far from where we were. I don’t know why, but for some reason I feel like I’m a walking failzors because when I got to Stussy, it was closed for remodeling or something. I was sad. Since I was already on La Brea, I decided to hit up UNDFTD LA (112 S. La Brea Ave.) and Union (110 S. La Brea Ave.). I miss walking into actual brand ’boutique’ stores because they fancy my taste in fashion. Malls SUCK!! Despite there being other shops open other than Stussy, they didn’t have much on deck. Makes sense since it’s kinda the end of the summer season and going into fall. Oh yeah, I’d suggest you hit up Barracuda (7769 Melrose Ave.) if La Brea owned you up, too.

Went back to Roybal to grab-grub (YES!) and chill until we all migrated to Nishi Buddhist Church for the Yonsei welcome party. We were introduced to the Sakawa city homestays there (so now we have 2 Japan dudes staying over) and had a nice presentation by the founders of the Yonsei Basketball Organization, Frank Kiyomura & Ken Mukai. I thought it was dope since I was part of the organization (Shout out to the Y9ers!). Highlight of this welcome party was the open bar. When I ordered a Henny & Coke, the tender told me I can fix the drink up myself. Score. All the parents and coaches from Japan were merry with either Asahi or their new favorite, Newcastle, in hand while trying so hard to speak Engrish with the American families. I really like how Japanese people always initiate communication because they always approach you with the biggest smiles & smallest eyes. With a beeru in hand. Rewind just a little bit, the food at the welcome party was BOMB! Cherrystones catered to the event so we had primo entrees served. My mouth collapased in itself like a dying star turning into a blackhole after I ate the honey-pineapple chicken. I seriously couldn’t stop eating that chicken! Yup, I had to mention that little detail.

Go outside, it’s nice out. Have a beautiful day.


The center has to be at least…3 times bigger than this!

freddie joachim is great.

nujabes is greater.


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