Let’s Do Battle!

Disneyland. Where to begin…
As a little kid, it was the most fun place to go to (a notch above Chuck e’ Cheese’s). Growing up into my middle school years, it was always fun to go with your group of friends. And in high school? Well, Disneyland was known as THE place to take your girlfriend to. I haven’t gone to Disneyland since high school so I was kind of excited, yet I knew I was going with a big-ass tour group so it was going to be kind of hectic. For some reason, I did not get on ANY rides at Disneyland that entire day. The only line I stood in was for food at Pizza Port in Tomorrow Land haha. My wait in line for food was just as long as the wait to go on Autopia. I wish they had a fast pass for food.

Standing in line for food wasn’t all that bad only because they had a Jedi Training show going on, where little kids from the audience can go on stage to wield lightsabers and fight either against Dart Maul or Darth Vader. I, personally, would choose to fight Darth Vader. Then this one particular Jedi chick caught my eye. I don’t know what her stage name was, but for all I know it could’ve been Beut Efulize. Hahaha whatta ugly first name. It was funny because everytime I would put my camera up to take a photo, she would hesitantly look up to my direction as if she were thinking “dammit, shoot me nowwwww. Why do I do thissss? I hope it doesn’t get posted onto facebooooook. Or even worse, on Takuma’s blooooogggg.” Laughing Out Loud. I really don’t know what she was thinking but she did look up everytime I took a photo. She shouldn’t care what others think – shoot, I would LOVE to be paid to wield a lightsaber around. Give me a blue one, let’s do battle! By the way, I think this is why I love Olivia Munn because she wouldn’t care to dress up as a Jedi and starting battling fools on the street hahahaha!

So after I ate my not-worth-the-40-minute-line food, the group headed to California Adventure. We got our World of Color Picnic Dinners that tasted strangely similar to JAL’s airplane food and chilled for a bit in the shade. Just to add in, I do not miss this whole socal weather all too much – it’s too effing hot. As we were eating, a group of weird fools started dancing to some Brazilian-techno mambajamba. Not gonna lie, they need to pull that show out because it was just annoying haha. Hit up the World of Color show and to my surprise, it kind of lived up to it’s hype. I wish I had a steezy camera like Mr. Johnny (his camera literally looks like an RPG but it’s just his Nikon D3). I wish I could write more but I have to start on the next day of fun-filled adventures.

Stay classy, my friends. Drink a Dos Equis.

I can’t believe I missed Far East Movement’s concert at Ruby Skye… I would rather watch them for an hour than spend 14 hours at Disneyland. They’re on a world tour with Lady Gaga, hitting up OSAKA, JAPAN!!! ( http://www.fareastmovement.com/st/ )


check out Ktown cowboys. funny funny.


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