4 a.m. Summer Nights

Whatta weekend.

Went to the homie Matt’s ( mattyice.tumblr.com/ ) to play some a lot of BP. Doesn’t it suck when you plan on chilling on like 2 brews, but you somehow go against your better judgement and join in on the fun? I think if it were with other people, I would’ve been able to just decline the back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back -to-back games. But when you’re with the homies that you grew up with, it’s best to bring a spare liver. We all know how this story goes. And this was the reason why I couldn’t wake up the next morning and bring myself to play in the “Parent’s Game” for the last day our homestay was in America. No worries though, I was able to stop by at the farewell banquet (got some BOMB bbq ribs & chicken) that night before hitting up Fu’s Palace for the homie Justin Hays’ surprise birthday party.

Fu’s Palace ( 8751 W. Pico Blvd. ) was not the venue I expected in being. In my head when I heard of this place, I thought it was like a lounge. We rolled up to it and started cracking up because it was straight up a corner Chinese restaurant. I felt like I was on the set of Rush Hour. I got to see almost everybody from Torrance that night, which was really dope. You put awesome company together with cheap drinks, you got yourself one helluva party! Justin was brought in and the whole surprise went downnnnn. I actually think he was surprised by Jun’s beach bucket-sized flash haha. If anybody was wondering, the cupcakes at Fu’s was made by my mama (from scratch, with love) so if anybody’s interested in buying a dozen or more, hit me up about it! =)

Gotta hit the road on back up SF for my (hopefully) last year of undergrad.

Shout out to my fam, Chris S., Peter, J.Hays, Matt, Jun, Bryan, Jake, Christine, Woo, Mel, Stace, Kristin, Kari, Rubin, Kyle, Daryl, Bree, Bran, Dev, Jodi, Drew, Jason, An, Koichi, Lowell, Ash, Deemer, Jeff, and all those who(m) I regretfully forgot to mention. Thanks for a cool summer! Til then…

life is goooood.


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