School Daze

First day of ’10 Fall Semester.

Taking some classes that are intense (no, they aren’t camping classes [in-tents, get it?]). I was so glad that it was only the first day of school because all my professors let us out within 20 minutes, since it was all just going over the syllabus. There was one professor that attempted to scare us by saying how difficult the class is and that the lab should be 3 units worth instead of it being only 1 unit. I think that is the lamest move a professor can pull to his/her students. Why would you start off the semester like that?? Despite his scare tactics causing fear in some of the young guns (yeah, I’m a 5th year wassup), I was unscathed. I’m about to Braveheart this shit. All my classes this semester have at least 2 of my buddies so I think I’m going to enjoy it. Plus, study sesh’s are gonna be even better whereas in the past I’ve partnered with fools that screw me over on purpose to get ahead. Lames-o’s.

After I got out of school that day, we cycled out to Ocean Beach. Oh yeah, did I mention it was frikkin 90 degrees in SF?! On the way to Ocean Beach via the PCH, my left crank arm flew off as I was cycling. Now I dont know if you know what that means, but what I was basically doing was trying to slow down with just my right pedal on the frikkin PCH. The crank bolt flew off some how and so now I am bike-less… I was lucky I didn’t fall and have someone’s front license plate stamped on my forehead. I ended up trying to cycle with my left crank arm in my hand and pedaling with just my right leg. Don’t do it. Eventually, I successfully met up with the homies Brett, Kyle, Erica, and Berna. There were literally hundreds of people at the beach that day. Played monkey Berna in the middle with the frisbee for a little then gave up when she couldn’t get the frisbee for like 4329840 minutes. Walked on over to Erica’s new apartment that’s just 2 blocks away from the beach to play some Apples to Apples and Pictionary Man to kill some time before we went out to grab-grub (YES! refer to Tekking It Eeseh) at Kevin’s Noodle House 2 on 1833 Irving Street. Gina and her homegirl Keira (Momo) met up with us at the pho joint. Shout out to Keira =) [ =)))))))) haha ]. During dinner, we decided to meet up with the other homies Rachel and Jennifer AKA Monica-for-the-night at Genki’s at 330 Clement Street. Special appearance made by Nam was there too. Dude’s moving out to the Big Apple to do Bigger thangs (Good luck Nam!). I think we all got pumped because we love school so much, that we decided to mob down to Buckshot ( 3848 Geary Blvd. ). Keep in mind this is the first night of a school day and my longest day of classes was the very next day hahaha. Yeah, we did a little ragin’. A mini rage. Fun day all together.

This is my camping schedule:
10:10 – 11:00  Biomech lecture
12:35 – 1:50     Ex. Phys. lecture
9:30 – 12:15    Physics 2 lab
12:35 – 1:50    Physics 2 lecture
2:10 – 5:00      Human Physio lab
10:10 – 11:00  Biomech lecture
11:10 – 12:00  Biomech activity
12:35 – 1:50    Ex. Phys. lecture
3:35 – 6:20      Ethics in Medicine
12:35 – 1:50   Physics 2 lecture
9:10 – 11:00  Ex. Phys. lab

If yours is way more crazier than mine, big whoop. Haha I’m just messin’. Hope everybody has an awesome semester/quarter. Au revoir

can’t stop listening to this. such a fresh sound.


This is how I felt when my crankarm fell off. (couldn\’t find a video)


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