Just Posting

I have survived.

The first week of school was anything but easy and “chill” as I would have presumed it would be. Physics 2 is definitely not a class to joke around with – I got a wakeup call when the professor spent almost 45 minutes for a single problem on net forces on a point charge from multiple surrounding point charges. Here, take 2 of these and call me in the morning. My exercise physio lab professor could be dubbed a hottie but she’s so stern. Stern woman scare the crap outta me. She definitely wears the pants in our class. But that’s about it with the professors who actually intimidate me. The “Most Boring” award (yeah, clever title) goes to my Ethics in Medicine professor. I honestly thought I was a narcoleptic because I woke up numerous times not knowing that I knocked out. If you’ve watched Jimmy Neutron, she sounded just like the teacher in the show, Ms. Fowl. Yup, I’m going to CR/NC this class.

Last night we had game night at the girls’ house. It was the homie Kevin’s 22nd birthday also (Shout out to Kevin!). He’s doing some big thangs in the lighting industry, beasting all kinds of venues with some $80,000 lighting equipment (Scroll down to see the crazy lights he works with). Wrapped the night out by skipping through half the movie of Zombieland so we can watch Bill Murray’s scene haha. He’s got to be one of my favorite actors along with Tom Hanks (The Terminal/Forrest Gump), Leo DiCaprio (Gangs of New York/Catch me If You Can), Steve Martin (The Three Amigos/Pink Panther), and Jack Black (Nacho Libre). Speaking of movie actors, I need get my bike fixed. As you may know (those of you who read the other posts), my crank arm fell off due to a faulty crank bolt. I’ll let you know when she’s back on the road again. She’s being taken care of by the homegirl, Erica. (Sorry! I’ll pick my bike up this weekend! Found out I have work today.)

I don’t know how often I’ll be able to write new posts as the semester starts picking up, but I’ll try. We all need something to procrastinate to, yeah?

Have a _____ day!

A little procrastination can go a long way. Check these out!

Dwight’s blog. LOL

“Obi Kenobi” hahaha

From the movie “Boy”. One of  my favorite movies. It’s like a New Zealand Nacho Libre, kinda. This is just the extra clip in the flick.

“Showgun”. $80,000! DEEEEEYYUUUM!


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