Today’s post of Mellifluent Daze is brought to you by the letter Z.

Sesame Street nowadays is supa dupa lame compared to the Street back then. I heard Cookie Monster now goes crazy for veggies (WTF?!). I don’t think “Mmmm…veggie, veggie, veggie!” sounds as cool, but that just might be me. I’m just picturing Cookie Monster tearing up a bowl of ceasar salad with croutons and shit flying all over the set. Anyways, the letter Z is hosting this post because today was just nothing but catching Z’s. After leaving Pandora last night, we went to Carl’s, then chilled it at the girls’ house. I remember being tired as heck so I crashed on their couch. Woke up this morning at frikkin eight:30 because I was bitten by a mosquito 3 times. I would’ve slept in longer but that house is notorious for having those blood sucking leeches with wings. So I made my trek back to my place to find myself wide awake and ended up listening to 2ne1 (k-pop sheet). I now have a deep infatuation for Sandara Park (the one who usually sports a tellytubby hairstyle). I don’t know what time I knocked out at, but I woke up from sleeping on my desk. I honestly think I suffer an acute form of narcolepsy. Caught more sleep on my bed this time while I watched The Office on my laptop PC. I’m not really sure why I’m blogging about today but since when did I need to have a reason for everything I do. Right? Left.

Z ya ont he flipside la-ter!

Here’s a gist of what kinda music I dig right now:

did NOT know they spoke english! cuties for sure

favorite japanese artist with favorite DJ & MC duo. AND you can sing along with it cuz it’s in furigana!

3 stacks destroyssss this track

i like her sound

and another one

swedish girl can work it


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