Sing It. Sung It. Song.

Whatta Friday!

Started the first weekend of school off correctly. No, I did not finish my physics homework, yet. Nor did I start on it. But what I DID do was roll 10 strong to Pandora Karaoke ( 177 Eddy St.). THAT PLACE WAS OFF THE CHAINNNNN!! All the girls that worked there were really nice. And might I add pretty. Pretty cute. Our hostess, Kimmy (sp?), displayed EXCELLENT service and was super cool about it when we brought in our own beeru. Just had to pay a small fee but that was way better than getting kicked out of the joint. We reserved the Blue Moon room where all the decor was either blue, with a Blue Moon logo, or both. Pandora is stacked with high-end karaoke equipment (touchscreen song menu, updated tracks, infrared mics,) and is very accomodating. I can go on and on about the best karaoke joint I’ve ever been to but I think you should just click this link. Our homie Kevin came through after he got off work to join us in the end. He wasn’t the only one who made a special appearance – Mr. Pat Ron snuck in and decided to deliver a Superman punch straight to our my dome. Matter of fact, my head was in so much pain that I didn’t even order anything from Carl’s Jr. THAT much pain haha. I brought a camera with me to Pandora to share the room we got, but for some reason ( most likely because I tried to make a music video on the ride back home ) all the photos I took that night were deleted. So, the only photos available from last night were the 2 I took when we were parking lot pimpin’ it at the Carl’s lot. I guess it just means we gotta go again! To Pandora, that is. Eh what the heck, Carl’s too.


Big ups to the homie Mike for landing an internship at Invisible Stripes (INVS)!! He got the best of both worlds by getting his foot into business and fashion. Check out their online shop at . Or even better, if you’re in the SF area stop by the shop that’s on 627 Post St. Keep on doing yo thang man!

  We sang this last night. I only knew this line: “I don’t care e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e”

I can’t wait to cycle in Japan! I don’t know when it’s going to happen but it will happen!


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