19th Avenue

…is one crazy street.

If you live up here or been up here, you would know that this street is busy as a mug. But just as it’s busy during rush hour and on the weekends, it’s got its share of calmness. Actually scratch that. Even when you think you’re safe on the road by yourself, something crazy usually happens; like an old lady driving onto the median and taking out a lightpost or a homegirl being a G and busting the craziest u-turns haha. As a cyclist, you gotta be really brave dumb to go up 19th Ave – only because the hundreds of cars and buses don’t acknowledge your presence. Now although this street is quite extreme (my bad, my vocab has been dumbed down thanks to physics class), it’s the one street that connects us to most of our friends. We have that Park Merced, UPS, UPN, Taraval, and Ortega connection. 19th Ave has served as the only road to get to each other’s place. So much in fact, we made a song about the streets that we live on. The homie Charley ( charleysekine.blogspot.com/ ) put his skills to the ultimate test by making an award-winning music video filled with ANIMATION (mation…mation…mation…). Without further adieu, I’m honored to introduce to you a T-Style x O-Block x B-Ham joint.



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