Today Was A _____ Day


That’s all I gotta say about today. Went to class (physics…) and actually understood what my professor was actually talking about this time – SCORE. It was a beautiful day and as I was scratching my head, my hair burst into flames! Spontaneous combustion. Not really, but it WAS frikkin hot as a mug. And so I made the decision to run to Supercuts for a $19.95 haircut that requires only 10 minutes of just using the clippers… I haven’t gone back to Gloria at Generation Cuts because it’s so far. She’s real cool though. I’ll go to her for my next haircut. Shout out to the ladies over at Generation Cuts!

Went to the Invisible Stripes [INVS] shop at 627 Post Street to see the homie Mike in action behind the counter. Met his cool boss, Joelle, and her cool dog Kitty (haha!). Although it’s really tiny and ironically almost invisible, it’s a really chill shop. Copped me the Raglan shirt by Mister (Mr.____) and got a sweet little hookup. Thanks Joelle & Mike!! Anyways, stop by to check out their goods because more than likely you’ll buy something there (yup, they got awesome merch).

Now, I want to take the time to express how proud I am of my little brother, Easton. He got a perfect score on the S.T.A.R. test (600/600) in the math portion. I suck at math, my other brother sucks at math, my sister is OK at math, and my other brother sucks at math. I guess these math skills skipped the four of us. Well mom & dad, you finally got yourself a smarty pants! We’re all good at something in our own ways so don’t think I’m overlooking you guys (Mirai, Chelsea, & Kenta if you’re reading this). =)

this melody was playing in my head as i was posted in union square. that’s that feel-good music

i love the french language. it’s french, yeah?

“her voice is like the combination of Jesus & Fergie!”


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