Blurry daze.

Friday night got mixed into my Saturday morning which then smeared itself into Sunday morning (rain is fallin’, like that hahaha). We headed to the homie Soul’s house to play a little beeru pongu tournament with the rest of the crew. Had to get some mamacitas to come over so I enticed two of them with my smooveness to kick it with us. hahaha that sounded so stupid it cracked me up. but yeah, I was able to persuade the homegirls Gina & Keira to come over. Those two are the next best karaoke sensations which I had the honor to call them the Sarang Sistas, made up of 1Sarang & 2Sarang (you know who’s who! lol). Anyways, I told them that we were celebrating Soul’s birthday so they brought some bomb chocolate mousse cake. I just felt like I had to mention the cake because it was magically delicious!! Consumption of more beerus commenced and we got at home some time in the wee hours of Saturday…

…Then I woke up at eight:thirty in the A.M. to head out to work. It was actually a chill work day but there was just so much traffic (Labor Day weekend = hundreds of tourists driving Go-Cars) I ended up working a 9-hour dayshift. Got to see the bride & groom get ready for their beautiful (yes, beautiful) wedding at the Shakespeare Garden inside Golden Gate Park. My photos don’t do it justice but imagine what it would have looked like if it was sunny that day and if you were actually there. After that shift, I was able to catch some z’s before my nightshift. Yup, the workday was not done haha. Headed out to work again to do some pick-ups which resulted in me working from eleven:o’clock P.M. til six A.M. I’m not gonna complain though, I’m just glad I can make two bills in one day of easy work. It’s also a plus to be behind-the-scenes to all these lavish weddings. After all that hustle & bustle, I was able to finally sleeeeeeeeep.

It’s kinda weird to think that while other people are just waking up, I’m crawling back to my bed.

Got my corndog fix for lunch today. I have about 20 more of those babies in the freezer (domo arigato, Costco!). Speaking of corndogs, have you checked out the September issue of GQ??? Aiite eff LeBron but Olivia Munn’s gotta NICE photoshoot going on! [ ]

Labor Day tomorrow. Bout to get some bbq’ing going on so I’ll keep you posted. Happy Fri-tur-sun-day!

  dope piano sounds

FIRST IN LAST OUT. kinda like me & the restroom when i eat 3 corndogs


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