Labor Day Weekend


I had to look up on the origin of how Labor Day came about because I (& I’m sure everybody else) had no idea how this U.S. “holiday” started. Believe it or not, every first Monday of September is to commemorate the deaths of those who protested during the Pullman Strike (American Railway Union workers response to a reduction in their wages). President Grover Cleveland sent in U.S. Marshals to the site of the protest and led to the deaths of several protestors. The push to establish Labor Day was decided…

…and I guess this is the reason why we BBQ on our day off. Or at least that’s what I did. The homie Mr. E-in Evan Ianeisenhower and I went on a full-out escapade throughout Daly City to buy a grill and mad food. Trust me, the amount we spent on food and all got real pricey but the time we all got to kick it with the SF crew was most definitely priceless. Evan prepared all the food for everybody by providing some bomb skewers ( Bobs ), primo-seasoned burgers, and some dank hotdogs. Remembering back to yesterday, I still wish we had some mac salad! Ahhh… we all kicked back a few brews in Soul’s backyard and were lucky enough to actually have a nice, sunny day (which is pretty rare in SF). Soul’s new neighbor, Mel, lives on the floor underneath him and hooked us up with some superb tunes. And you can’t have superb music without speakers, right? Well, Mel just happens to be a sound engineer and brought out his pair of Fender Passport PRO speakers. We honestly could’ve thrown a block party hahaha. All in all, it was a really fun & chill day to have spent it with the SF fam. Now that we have a grill and about 8 lbs of meat left over, I’m hoping we can BBQ this weekend just for the heck of it (yes, we’re coming over to your house again Soul lol).

“Baseball is wrong – man with four balls cannot walk.” – Anon.

Mel produced the 2nd song in the other half of the music video. CLEAN!!

Bun B x DJ Premier.

oh yeah, you know wassup. or do you?


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