I Ain’t Homeless, But I Am a Pedal-er

I miss my bike dearly…

…That I have dedicated this small post just to show my love for cycling. I still need to get my crank bolt & cog. haha. But before I do anything, I need to pick her up from the homegirls Erica & Lauren. She’s been sleeping over at their place for far too long and I think I’ll pick her up this weekend. Speaking of this weekend, I know a lot of the azn ballers are heading out to Vegas for the annual basketball tournament. Good luck to all of ya! (No, not your games. I’m talking about getting back to your rooms after clubbing). But if you’re like me (up in SF, buggin out from school, or broke), Power to the Peaceful is this Saturday. Should be coooooool. Here’s the flyer:Hit up www.powertothepeaceful.org to scope the lineup.

for the cyclist in you

good vibes for you

 via mashsf.tumblr.com

DVS x KEIRIN. UHHH…YES PLEASE!! I’ll take a size 10 in the whites & reds. White for placing & red because it looks good.

Nicky’s [ Hide & Haru ] got some really cool hoodies going on! I pay attention to the tiniest of details over the overall product when it comes to clothing. & I really dig the reflector on the sleeve! Matter of fact, I’m going to ask him to buy one for myself.

Before I forget, I’m thinking of getting myself a road bike. I don’t know too much about roadies but if ya’ll could pitch your 2 cents in, I’d really appreciate it!

Happy Pedaling!


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