POWer to the Peaceful

… brawn over brains cause your existence to cease //intellect over force, put the powerful to peace.

I have mixed feelings about this weekend. Let me just try to remember why…
Had one day of work on Friday with just two weddings and used that money to get some new bike parts =). So that was good. Got me the replacement bolts for my crank arm and some Strong V grips for my bars. About to get my 17t EAI track cog tomorrow (if you’re trying to find a 17t at a shop, good luck! Sold out at almost every shop). Hit up Power to the Peaceful with the homies Soul, David, Andrew, Mel, and Brian. Here’s the funny part of the weekend (I guess): So we planned on going to PTTP to vibe out to some music from Rebelution and Spearhead. We parked down on 8th & Judah because we thought the festival was off of 12th Ave but it turns out that it was at the Speedway Meadow, which is on the opposite side of the park where we were at. We were forced to get our Bear Grylls on and trekked through dense shrubbery, madd trees, and frogger across 19th Ave. After about an hour and 2miles, we finally got to our destination. HUZZAH! Our adventure drained our energy bar down to like -34HP so we got some primo teriyaki chicken rice plates there. We got our grub on and finally headed to the stage. Here’s the downfall: as soon as we saw the stage, the last song ended and the festival was over. WHAAAAAAT? Yup. It’s kinda funny if you think about it though – Only a “real” stoner (not me, the homies) would go to a reggae concert right when it ends hahaha.

Alright so fast forwarding to later that night (saturday), we decided to drink a little LOT at Soul’s (nothing new haha). Bought two 30-packs and played some BP and baseball. And that’s all I can say about that. My dome hurt so bad but I had to force myself to eat to alleviate the hangover. I was too weak to even toast my blueberry muffin and ended up walking to the living room and ended up knocking out on the couch. BTW, if you have never toasted a Costco muffin (poppyseed is da bess!). Happy ending: I successfully got to enjoy my toasted blueberry muffin.

Hope ya’ll had a great weekend yourself. It’s good to rage once in a while, huh? =)

these tracks are as good as a toasted poppyseed muffin:

oh yeah, i see your head bobbing to this.

wake up to this.

joachim x2

drum & bass of the xx. clean break @ 1:14


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