Dog Daze

Meet Cookie.

She is a _(insert breed here)   . I’m really bad with distinguishing and classifying breeds (unless it’s a shi-tzu or a toy poodle). Dog-sitted for the homegirl Bernadette today. I didn’t do anything all day but work on my physics homework and my ex phys lab report so it was chill. Oh yeah, and I occassionally looked outside of my prison window to see what the world was up to. The only difference between my room and a jail cell is that I can go to the kitchen to make food, watch tv whenever, stand up to pee (Chappelle show!), go outside as I please, and go on Facebook. So yeah, my room isn’t like prison but you know the feeling of being confined the majority of your Saturday. Thank goodness for company from a 4-legged friend.

Posting this only means I won’t be doing anything else for the remainder of today…(that’s including homework). Big day tomorrow. I’m gonna try to wake up before noon so I can write another paragraph of my lab report, get my chain aligned w/ the new cog, cycle a bit, then study for my physics exam.

Shout out to my high school science teacher (chemistry? biology? shoot, I forgot), Ms. Nguyen. It’s pretty cool that your old  past teachers remember you after so many years. It’s even cooler when my younger siblings have the same teachers I had when I was younger. Much love to all the teachers that put up with me (yes, even you Ms. McKarns).

Rester au frais! [French]

Black Scale’s website is so frikkin cool. The crewneck sweater is definitely killer. [ ]

did you know Ratatat played at The Warfield last night?? I was working and passed by it. darn.

she can make Lady Gaga go gaga.

 turn the bass up just a lot.

 hahaha such a natural.


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