A Lot On My Plate…Stressfull

The remedy.

Whatever it may be, it’s good to occassionally take a break (or 2…or 3) to alleviate the pain that dwells deep in your dome which can be convincingly a tumor, but really is your brain (no it’s not, it’s the sinuses). I have a tendency to carbo-load with junk food when I’m overly stressed out and I also eat a lot of Panda Express, too. It’s crazy how much I spend haha. I honestly think I’m a fat kid trapped in this skinny 150 144 pound frame. But I cycle and crap so it’s all good. My cure for stress consists of ice cream, cycling, music, doodling, or watching The Office while I lay on my floor. I’m interested in what you do to relieve stress, so drop a line! =)

We hit up Rhea’s Deli on 16th & Valencia for some sandwiches. Brett got “The Valencia”, Kyle got Korean BBQ sandwich, and I got the Chicken Katsu sandwich. It’s funny because the deli is inside a liquor store that looks like a liquor store/mexican restaurant but they make bulgogi and katsu sandwiches. I’ve decided that I will try to eat at every sandwich joint this beautiful city of SF has to offer me.

OK I’m done for today. Time to get crackin’ on one of my ice creams.

* This guy has to ride on cobblestone-paved roads! Follow Andrew through his steezy photos as he ventures throughout the Netherlands. [ okwerd.tumblr.com ]

big boi has been coming out with some interesting music videos. theyre always fire, nonetheless.

creation of a beauty. Kalavinka framesssss…droooool

watch the short documentary on him. so inspirational. [http://tramnesia.com/tomity.html]


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