…of something potentially AMAZING.

 So let me just start by explaining how I came to the state I’m in right now (optimistic, motivated, jaunty, effervescent). Woke up 2 hours before my physics exam this morning and got some Office episodes playing on the computer. It was a different approach on how I usually prepare myself for an exam, where I would usually go over my notes again & work some problems out so I get my brain warmed up. We got to class about 15 minutes before the exam was to be passed out when I realized I didn’t pack my calculator. I hit up the homegirl Rachel to see if 1. she was home and 2. if she had a TI-83 I can borrow. She was Kobe for today with the clutchness by being 1. at home and 2. letting me borrow her calculator at the last minute. Thank you Rach! Also, why the heck was the weather sunny and 72 degrees today?! Of all the times it had to be warm, it had to be today when I had to sprint to the girls’ house and back to class in 10 minutes. I made it back just in time as the person was passing the exams down my row and went into test-taking mode.

50 minutes later…
Bombed it. I was sucker punched to the dome by this one. And I’ve never felt this horrible after taking an exam. I walked with my head down all the way home despite it being such a nice day. Soon as I got back to my apartment, 85% of my cherry moosetrack ice cream disappeared. I was spiraling outta control. Hahaha. Despite the fact that I possibly failed that exam, a lot of good shimmy’d it’s way out. After moping in my room for like 3 hours, I started looking at grad schools in the U.S. for occupational therapy. I looked from NYU to USC, Colorado State to Florida Gulf Coast, and finally found a perfect place for me to start a new chapter in life – University of Washington. Luckily, I met the requirements for all the schools I checked out (besides the GRE portion since I have yet to take them) but UW just sparked the most interest to me. It was between UW, SJSU, NYU, and Tufts. Tufts would be the most difficult to get into, actually. I picked UW because I feel like I can grow accustom to the lifestyle up there…plus I like the cold weather now.

That’s my whole realization of my day. Sure, it’s not very eventful in a sense that all I did was basically take a heavy test, but it was eventful in a sense that I now have a goal that I really want to achieve. I’ve got most of my next year or so planned out on exactly how I want to get this all done.

Best believe I will do it.

It ain’t impossible.
From my new favorite site:

The homie Matt [ ] found the jacket that all you guys should cop. REI x Taku.*

*I was just kidding about REI collaborating with me. don’t buy it unless you really want it haha

if you’re out in LV and didn’t race with your two-wheeler…whattabust!

30 kawaii japanese girls dancing for a cause.

tsk, tsk, tsk katy perry. why would you wear a skin-toned top on Sesame Street? you know kids are simply interested in your voice.

Big Boi playing at The Regency tonight. Like right now actually.

i think i found my way


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