…with my long-lost friend, Friday.

I haven’t gone out to the city like a normal college boy in what feels like MONTHS. I always had work on Fridays so I would always miss out on raging throughout SF with the homies. And by the looks of it, I don’t think I’m going to have to worry about work keeping me from my Friday night outings anymore (haha long story that I won’t get into). Anyways, my coming out of retirement on raging was proper because it was the homegirl Gina’s first birthday in the U.S. (she’s from Korea).

We went out to Pandora karaoke/bar and got ourselves the Crown Royal room, which was lavishly decorated with purple walls, velvet seating, a big Crown Royal logo spanning on the wall, and of course, a frikkin’ CROWN ROYAL THRONE! I didn’t accidently delete my photos from my camera this time so I’m happy I got to document what happened even though the photos barely captured the night haha. Apparently I sang All I Want for Christmas by Mariah Carey but it’s kinda hard to believe. Then again, it could’ve happened since I don’t remember what songs I serenaded SF with last night. On top of the crew being squished into a pretty small room, there was a little West High reunion with Corey (UCSF) and Peter Chang (UCDavis) celebrating Gina’s birthday with us. Oh yeah, definitely nice to see familiar faces in unfamiliar places.

The party continued from Pandora back into the homie Kyle’s car on the freeway heading home with our own little air guitar band rocking out. Wish I recorded that entire drive because we were surprisingly awesome. Yup, this explains why I love college.

Shout out to my mama and sister for waking me up this morning to ask me about what I wanted from the Stussy sample sale at North High. Didn’t know exactly if it was a fundraiser or what, but I appreciated the call/photo texts they sent me. Thanks!

I failed to go to Free Museum Day but hopefully a lot of people were able to go. I feel bad not taking advantage of that opportunity to go because I think it’s important to expand our knowledge willingly. I’m punishing for not going by studying for my exercise physiology exam.

Alice 97.3FM is throwing a free concert at GGP tomorrow (9/26). Now & Zen will consist of performances made by Sara Bareilles, Natasha Bedingfield, Plain White T’s, Five for Fighting, and Ryan Star. 

Grand opening of a hidden bar/nightclub in the Mission. Public Works showcases an underground venue with live bands, art gallery/studio, and a dancefloor. When I read the location of this place, the first thing to pop in my head was the scene in Beerfest when the fellas had to get drunk to remember how to get to the secret location. I’m gonna try to go check this place out next weekend.

Get Him to the Greek. funny movie. diddy always cracks me up

finally a friday night!


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