November 2003.

That was the first time I met the little comedian, Nicole. It was at the North High football game and I have no recollection as to why I went because that school isn’t all that great anyways (haha I’m just kidding you guys). I remember going to the freezing football game with the homie J.Hays when he was seeing Nickel, back in the day. I remember this mostly because he was keeping her warm by putting his arms around her and I was jealous that they were warm. Hahaha no, I wasn’t jealous of Nickel that Hays’ arms were around her, but simply the fact that they were staying warm – it was frikkin cold, OK?? LOL. Although we didn’t hang out a lot or anything, I remember how funny she surprisingly was when I was hanging with her. And I say surpisringly because she seemed very quiet (to me, at least) but when she said something funny, it was hilarious. Damn, it’s really difficult for me to write this post. I wasn’t as close to her as some of you may have been so I hope you always cherish even the littlest of moments that you and Nickel shared together. I have a few of these little moments that have been graciously given to me through her so I thank ya, Nickel.

I hate that I ended up writing a post on a passing of a friend, but since it happened, I felt it was only right to try to share my two cents. My message to you as a person is to treat all those around you as kindly as Nickel did. No matter who they may be, an act of kindness will always be remembered by that other person. If your day has been crappy, smile because it only spreads positively. And remember, crying for those you love is not a sign of weakness, but it shows how strong of a bond you have with them. It’s so unfair for the good to pass away so young. I know all this may sound cliche but I think actually seeing these cliche sayings will help in putting it all into perspective. To be honest, my mind is in such a flustered and saddened state that it truly is hard for me to organize and type what I’m thinking, so I hope you were able to follow this jumbled post.

To Nickel: I’m glad you’re relieved from all the pain that you were put through. You are such a beautiful person and I hope you’ll continue to smile down upon us, especially in this time of sorrow. Thank you for being my friend.

With gassho,
Taku =)


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