14 Seconds

…was the amount of time I got to kick it with the talented Audrey Kawasaki =)

Went to SFMOMA with the homegirl Lina for the HI-FRUCTOSE booksigning. So here’s the low-down of what happened. When I heard Audrey Kawasaki was gonna be up here for a booksigning, I thought to myself “Awesome! I’ll have a chance to see her latest work and possibly get a photo with her!”. Well, this event was strictly a booksigning with nobody’s art on display. Supa failllll. The book was $40 but I had no dough to spare because I need food because I need to live because a book won’t taste good. (yeah, I’m going to buy the book in the near future haha). I really wanted to get an autograph and a photo, so I made a quick (7 minute) decision on what I can have her sign and bought a MOMA postcard. LOL. Got into line and waited for a good hour. When I got up to the front, I had to hide behind other people so I can just skip right to Audrey and ask her to sign my postcard hahaha. Let’s just say her talent matches her cuteness. I was so nervous that I didn’t tell her what to write on my postcard and ended up stuttering my name to her. All in all, I felt it was worth it =)

After MOMA, we walked to the city hall to check out the Giants decor then went to a BOMB ice cream shop called Birite [18th & Dolores]. Definitely going back there again for some more ice cream and yellow watermelon popsicles. I’m not gonna lie, I’m still stunned by how cute Audrey Kawasaki was in person ahaha.

mr. rager in t-minus 4 days!

defined my mood after taking today’s midterm

new jane lui trizzack

k-os kills it on this track


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