Ahhhh Snappppp!

Kid Cudi’s new album dropped like an incendiary bomb today.

I wasn’t able to go out to buy his album due to the lack of music stores around my place. Lucky for me, my sister has madd Best Buy gift cards on reserve so she copped me one today (Thanks Chels!). From what I’ve heard from other people, the album is pretty f***in awesome. I can’t wait to go home next week for Thanksgiving break to bump this.

On a side note, I was going through my camera and found a photo of a waffle sitting in my Campbell’s soup cup. Now that winter has graciously welcomed us with her freezing temperatures, I am excited to go buy some waffles to dip (it’s gangsta) with some hot cocoa. Forget what you know about milk & cookies because that’s not gonna cut it when you’re sitting in your poorly insulated apartment.



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