Got Nothin’ But Love

Trying to type as real as I can get right now while I have this ecstatic feeling.

Just came back from the Lighthouse bar in Hermosa Beach with some of the homies. Got to enjoy a bomb bowl of ramen at Shinsengumi, open gym’d it, then chilled out at Hermosa. Most of them have jobs to go to tomorrow morning yet, they made the time to come out. I don’t wanna say they’re reason to go out was solely because it was my last day before heading back up to SF because I’m sure we all just wanted to see each other. Whatever the reason may be, I appreciate the one day out of my entire Thanksgiving break to see these one-in-a-million individuals I so luckily can call friends. Of course, I always have bad timing coming home (and going back to SF) with EVERYBODY’s schedules so I’ll see the rest of you guys the next time I’m back! Wanna give a special shout-out to Chris, Pete, Jake, Kristin, Hays, Bree, Kimura, Kare, Bran, and Dev.

In light of the upcoming holiday, I guess I can say I’m thankful for my homies.

ok, I posted this video just for its chorus haha


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