In This League I’m the PROcrastinator

Biomechanics is ever-so slightly nudging me to do some “hardcore drugs” hahahaha. Your humor is my anti-hardcore drug, Rhea LOL.

I found the one thing to keep me sane is to work on something completely different from school sh!t. I usually mess with photoshop, doodle, write poetry while combing my stallion’s mane, or watch The Office. This time I started designing womens shoes online. Now hold on a sec, let me get through this sentence before you start making fun of me in your head (Ladies, you’ll thank me later. Guys, shut the hell up for now haha). I was on Facebook when I saw a post that said “Design Your Own Shoes”, so naturally I checked it out. Shoes of Prey allows women (and sometimes really bored college dudes) to personalize their own unique pair of shoes which the company fabricates just for you. You’re welcome, ladies. Now, an unnecessary explanation for the fellas: I enjoy the concept of designing products…plus I was bored fool!

So this post I caught a glimpse of was actually from a homegirl from back in the Japanese School days, Melody. Yeah, she’s kinda like a big deal. She made local appearances but she’s primarily conquering Japan. She definitely got that girl power. Who knew that a classmate in Igarashi sensei’s class would be a model with madd steez? I ain’t gonna lie, it would be cool if I got a little Q & A sesh with her (excuse my lame attempt on asking you for this tiny inteview if you’re reading this hahaha). Either way, Keep on rockin’ Yoko!

Gotta get my film developed so I can show ya’ll how bad I am with a 35mm. It’s like getting a Chistmas present from your grandma when using analog cameras because you’re not sure if you’re gonna get what you like…although it’s the thought that counts.

New Look: Purveyors of dope-ass music

Watch at the 1:17 mark. MJ kills it!


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