Dear Mr. Rager

I had a short convo with a friend about my fascination with the creative genius that of Kid Cudi. I read his interview with Complex Magazine last night (I know, I’m a month late on it) after a little recording sesh with the T-Style crew. Honestly, I would take a bullet for this dude solely for the purpose to preserve his talent. I definitely perceive him as a collective form of my music preference. Yeah I don’t understand what I just said just now either but in layman’s terms, he’s the shit. Dude makes like the best music with madd versatility incorporating singing, rapping, and rocking out with eclectic beats. Not only does his music elude my/yours/his/hers/our perception but he’s straightforward. I like that. I wish I had a mindreading device just to see what is going on in his head…Probably won’t be able to handle it haha.

I have a final tomorrow so this will have to end. You have an all-time favorite music artist? Shoooooot, hit me up with some suggestions – I’m always down with expanding my ears. Not physically of course.

Long live Cudi.

Shout out to my homegirl Jennifer aka Monica. I always enjoy our conversations.
She’s got a beautiful eye for beautiful things. 

and funny things.

and yes, I’m still forging through the night…


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