Curry Up, Before He Blows the Candles Out!

Back in Southern Cali! Where the grass is always green, the breeze is light, and the sun is warm…

SIIIIIKE!! We were lucky to not have driven in such sh!tty weather on the 5. I think this was the first time I drove back home with a fleet. Three cars following each other…and each car had some sort of mechanical problem with them hahaha! Kyle’s car had broken brake lights, Rhea’s car had some “tranny” problem, and Ahj’s ride was still shaken up from drifting into a boulder. Despite the malfunctions, we all made it back safely.

On the way down (those 4 words always remind me of Singstar), I was thinking to myself what kinda dinner was waiting for me at home. It was homemade Japanese curry – Score! Took some nyquil for the cold and watched The Office as I slowly drifted off to sleep. Woke up the next morning at 3:ooPM, which was my brother’s 21st birthday. It’s crazy how fast my siblings have grown. It’s weird because as I’m getting older, my inner being is getting younger…a decreasing curvilinear graph. Anyways, my brother REALLY wanted to have celebrate his 21st birthday at Curry House. Fo’ serious??? But, it was his birthday so couldn’t do anything about it. I think it’s safe to say that I won’t be eating any curry for the rest of winter break haha. Nonetheless, I had fun and it felt really nice to spend quality time with my whole family.

Don’t have much planned for this winter break but I have a feeling that it’s gonna be really interesting for some reason. I can feel it. Either that or it’s just the curry.


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