Maple Dijon

Oh Maple Dijon, how you taste so good,
I would dip you in everything, if only I could.
From sandwiches to chips, and vegetables to dips,
But you taste the best when I eat it with fried chicken strips.

The combination of maple syrup and dijon mustard,
If my hypothesis is correct, then please say “Word!”.
It’d be crazy to say “nasty”, just plain absurd,
Sample some of this sauce, trust I’m a sauce nerd.

Rounded up with the homies Kyle, Brett and David to meet up with our good friends from Korea, Gina and Keira. Keira is going back home to Korea soon so we wanted to meet up with them while they were in L.A. Ate at Orochon Ramen (123 S. Onizuka St., LA 90012) then jetted out to Downtown Disney. ‘Twas a sad event to actually say “Bye” and actually mean “Bye” to a friend because you won’tbe seeing them on a regular basis (and in the U.S. anymore). The fellas and I were loitering the Disney parking lot for a while until we decided to hit up Yardhouse in Brea.

Had me 2 glasses of Dogfish Head’s 90-minuute IPA while the others had some brews that sounded a lot more interesting than what I had (i.e. the “Eclipse”). I immediately was addicted to the maple dijon sauce that came with the chicken strips I ordered. Hence, the heartfelt poem I wrote about the sauce.

Ok, I’m tired. This was all I was able to document tonight:


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