n. Savvy clothing & fixed gear boutique for the locals.

It’s kind of funny how I ran into this particular spot. I was looking online for a local clothing shop and one site led to another, eventually with me ending up on Yelp. It was actually on Yelp where I caught a glimpse of how a lot of people had a good experience coming to Altruistic. So I made my way there via two wheels…

To my surprise, a familiar face welcomed me to the store as I failed to read the sign on the door saying PUSH while I was pulling. I used to intern at South Bay Orthopaedics over the summer (like 3 years ago?) where I met Ronald. Him and his pops now run shop which has been in business for a good three years, revolving around streetwear, skateboard, and fixed gear culture. Sure, you may have been to a lot of these kinda shops in DTLA, LB, and OC, but you’ve never seen one in the South Bay, more specifically in Torrance. They carry various kinds of brands ranging from IN4MATION to local start-up brands.

But enough of me describing the store, you should stop by and see for yourself! Really nice guys and they sell at competitive prices so give them a holler!

1601 Gramercy Ave.
Torrance, CA 90501
[] []

I need to find a hill I can post on and kick it with a brew while


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