Whatta Day

Been busy doing a whole lot of nothing and relaxing but finally found the time to write  type a little. Where to start…

Christmas was eventful. Woke up to the sweet smell of my mom’s baking then ran to the Christmas tree to sort out all my presents from the rest. Went to a family friend’s holiday party which ended up with me drunk texting a few friends because I’m dumb when it comes to the consumption of beer and champagne. The Laker game was just a nightmare so that was my buzzkill. Got home, did the whole unwrapping the presents and taking awkwardly-posed sibling photos. Liver at end of the day: Mildly Intoxicated.

Yesterday though, man…two words, 7 seconds: HOLYYYYYYYYY CRAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPP. My family and I went to Downtown Disney to watch Jack Black’s new film Gulliver’s Travels. The movie was eh, but Jack Black is the one dude that can make a sheety movie into a hilarious one. Took more Christmas photos around there then headed to Gardena for dinner at Lee’s Tofu [1743 W Redondo Beach Blvd]. That place is a really good spot to eat on a cold winter night – truuuuuuust. Status of liver: Super Content. Later that night, I hit up Southland bar [23900 Crenshaw Blvd] for Matt and I’s birthday shenanigan. I felt as if Torrance got invaded by evil Icelandic people and the Southland bar was a refugee camp…because there were so many familiar faces! My intentions for that night was to just kick it with the homies (which is why I drove myself) but they had a different idea in mind haha. We all know how the story goes so I won’t get into details but just wanted to show my love and say thank you to all those who came through. Never thought I would’ve gotten so sauced in Torrance. In public. On a Monday. Thanks again for a non-memorable night ladies and fellas. Status of liver: What liver?

This morning (which was 2pm for me) was not as bad as I expected. No hangover or anything. Just really hungry. Glad everybody got home safely and had homies that were cool enough to drive me home (thank buddha! haha). Still need a recap of what happened last night since I seemed to have suffered an acute form of transient global amnesia some time after 10pm. Oh yeah, my dad took me and my kid bro out to the driving range. Just as I presumed, I suck at golfing. My Hideki Matsui baseball swing was no match against the golf balls of Alondra Park. It was cool when I actually killed the crap out of the ball, though. The only range I can handle involves ammunition and a hammer that goes “bang”. My mom made a fantastic birthday dinner and my dad picked up some tebasaki chicken from Fu-Rai-Bo [1741 W Redondo Beach Blvd]. Splendid day with the fam. Status of liver: Stable.

hip hop-atumus cover.

  diggin the funky instrumentals. down to do a cover, TSTYLE?

feel all fuzzy inside. best cover of any song hands down.


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