Akemashite Omedetou!

Happy New Year to you & yours.

I hope everybody was able to spend some quality time with their families and if you weren’t able to, I hope you were surrounded by those you love. I went to New Years service last night with my family, rang the gigantic bell, and ate the star trek soba (supposedly it brings luck and for those who eat it to “live long & prosper”). I specifically remember feeling positive about what 2011 has in store as I was walking up towards the senko. Then my mom told me that it was the year of the Rabbit (my zodiac animal sign) which gave me chills because I already felt good about this coming year. Awesome, yeah?

Ended 2010 correctly and started 2011 with a bang. Went with my hometown homies to Zen lounge in Hermosa Beach for the New Years celebration. Place was quite dead but I always have a great time when I’m with my peoples. I wish I can remember what happened in the venue, though. The apple drank and Jameson handled me (and I think it got you a bit Jake haha). All I remember was posting it in the parking lot while some of us were competing on who can paint the prettiest picture on the ground with throwup. Not sure who was the best but I think it’s safe to say that we were all winners. A cool night indeed.

The coolest thing of New Years is the FOOD. My mom is more wicked than the witch of the west when it comes to cooking. She’s like the Kobe Bryant, MJ, Olajuwon, Wade, and Optimus Prime of the kitchen. My photos of her cooking don’t do it justice but it gives you an idea of wassup at my place. SUBLIMINAL ADVERTISEMENT: my mom has been working on her own cupcake recipes so if you’re interested on bringing cupcakes to a party or just for yourself, let me know. She’s been in the game way before that shit blew up everywhere…and she tops most businesses with her creations (& she charges ’em wayyy lesser). Now back to your regularly scheduled program. Uhh…where was I? LINE!

Learn from you past and apply it. Be nice to everybody. Say itadakimasu before every meal if you can. It’s ok to be mean to your little brothers sometimes. It doesn’t hurt to say “Dude, I love you” from time to time. Drive less if possible. Come biking with me. Have a superb 2011 and the many years that follow.

  “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me…and I’m feelin’ good!”

new track my homies from SF made haha. i still don’t understand why we haven’t heard a reply from Universal Motown, yet.

what you got?

this is the best feel-good jam. no need for peanut butter!


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