Call Me Waste Management Cuz I Be Goin’ Through Paper

Paper targets, that is. Not to be mistaken with toilet paper.

Went on a little workout with my brotha-from-anotha-mutha Chris today over at Insight [17020 Alburtis Avenue] in Artesia. The trigger finger was happily reacquainted with polished steel. My four-course meal consisted of a Glock19, Beretta92, Ruger SR9, and a SIG P220. I guess you can say I had dessert early because the Beretta was sweet. The venue was awesome and the staff was awesome-er. Eh? I was glad/scared sh!tless when an employee unleashed his fury at some asian dude because he was cross-firing. You can really tell the crew at Insight are very people-friendly, but they’re on top of their crap. I like that. There were two dudes that brought their own property on the lane left of us. I’m only mentioning this because the pair had some crazy-ass pistol that projected hot shells over the barrier and on top of our domes. It was funny watching it hit Chris, but not as much when it was my turn. Haha. I’m stoked to get more action at Jackson Arms in SF with my uncle. Retired Marine and presently a Customs Officer? I’m down for a coach. Next thing you know, I’ll be riding my bike with a Beretta…a modern day Frank Eaton? Perhaps.

Ahh the break is almost over…in like 3 weeks. I’m ready to head back to SF already.

“Laugh now alligatorrr”

  hand skillsss.

wow, almost forgot about her.


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