No Particular Place To Go

I’ve been trying to make the most out of my remaining stay back at home, but it’s seriously hard to keep myself occupied in this town. I wish I can just rage on the drums like Dave Choe (peep the 3rd video at the bottom). Anybody got some drums they’ll let me play on? Lately I’ve been seeing a bunch of people cycling in groups down 190th so I might just camp-out behind some shrubbery and subtly join them as they pass me by.

Despite the funk that I’m in right now, I was able to get two rolls of film developed successfully. I just threw in some of my favorite shots so far and did my own editing to the photos. Enjoy.

i find myself to enjoy listening to love songs

i just love this song

david choe is the most interesting person. combination of talent and attitude. “thumbs up!” haha


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