Keep Moving

Good day from SUNNY San Francisco.

After being back home for a solid 25 days, it feels good to be back up although I must say, I miss my larger & much more comfortable bed. Miss playing Nerf tag with the siblings, too.

I don’t think I usually have anything insightful to say but this time, I feel a little Confucius (and confused with things) so I thought I should type away. Topic is “Waiting”. If you have a significant other or if you’ve had been in a relationship before, try to think back to how you got into that relationship. Sure, both parties may have been a tad bit nervous/awkward when you first met each other but how did it work out so conveniently that you two were able to get together? One (or both) of you guys had to have taken some sort of initiation to display a subtle yet divine interest for the other person whether it was to go out on a date or even just hang out at the park or something. Whatever it may have been, you or the other person took that initiative to take a chance at something potentially beautiful.

Now here’s where I interject my strange opinion. F*** WAITING. You can halt your progression, but whether you like it or not, the world is gonna continue to run its course. Imagine if that significant other was too shy to have asked you to hang out or go on a date, so another person initiated the initiative initially […so another person took the initiative first] haha. Now you’re left with the constant thoughts of “what if” annoying you. I’ve been called a B-word multiple times because I am that shy person that waited too little too late. I wouldn’t say I got swooped on, though. But I can definitely say I got a wake-up call to just go forth with what I want to do from here on out (depending on the situation of course). As a kid I always saved that good stuff for last (like saving the best candy flavor for last) and my dad would always say, “What if an earthquake happened and that last piece of good candy got melted?”.

Unfortunately, my dad was correct this time. %&^@#@(! dang it.



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