Walk-a Walk-a

(wokka wokka)

San Francisco has been having awesome weather so what better to do then to walk around aimlessly? I’m still amazed by the architecture that SF offers, but it’s really the people I enjoy seeing. If I could, I would start taking photos of the people but I’m still hesitant pointing my camera at them. So for now, I’ll share with ya the sights that were worth capturing through my digital camera (will post the analog photos later later).

Started the whole day by getting my sandwich grubbing on so I swung by Rhea’s Deli in hopes of getting my katsu sandwich fix but they ran out of katsu. Oyyyy. The bulgogi sandwich wasn’t a bad choice though. Funny thing is that I started walking down Valencia Street in the Mission district and saw all kinds of interesting shenanigans so I ended up going into shops holding my bulgogi reaking sandwich in my hand. I spent a good hour at my new favorite shop to chill inside Paxton Gates [824 Valencia Street, SF 94110]. What sparked my interest in going inside was a taxidermied horse’s head with a spike on it (yes, a unicorn). Because of this shop, I’m thinking of starting a butterfly collection. Saw one in specific called the heleconius erata and its wing pattern blew my mind. $19 for the specimen, $15 case, and $15 labor fee – I think it’s worth it to see such a beautiful insect everyday.

The last mention-worthy shop I stopped by was a women’s boutique store called Ruby [3602 20th Street, SF 94110]. The girl working at that time very helpful, kind, down-to-earth…what am I saying, she was gorgeous! Not to sound like a creeper but maybe she’ll let me take her photo today (fingers crossed for a successful first-ever person shot!).

Ended the day going to Trad’r Sam’s with the homegirls Michele, Rach, and Lisa. No documentation of that part of the day.

Starting another thrilling day today. I’ll end this post so you can go out and get some sun. You’re wellllllllcome!


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