France in Yo’ Pants

Being that I’m mesmerized with the French culture, I finally got around to watch the film Amelie. Don’t have the words to describe how much I liked the film so here are a few screencaps of the scenes I really liked. Bravo Audrey Tautou!

"i had two heart attacks, an abortion, did crack while I was pregnant. Other than that, I'm fine."

On the flip side, I just watched the Banksy attributed film Exit Through the Gift Shop and I must say that Banksy & Shepard Fairey crack me up. It’s hilarious how they avoid giving a negative connotation for their French “friend” Mr. Brainwash (a self-proclaimed artist). There’s a lot of different perspectives and angles to critique on the film but only mine counts here – and I think Banksy, in someways, used Thierry “Mr. Brainwash” as an example to show society how easy it is to be a sell-out. Not sure if that’s what was Banksy’s intentions but if it were, fantastic!

l’espoir vous appréciez


super classy. wek’fest february20th!

can’t spell “mellow” without “ello!”


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