Wylin’ Cuz I’m Crunk

This past weekend was, in layman’s terms, supercalifragilisticexpialadopeness.

Kicked it with the U.A. crew from Los Angeles and celebrated Julie’s birthday at Sudachi and a multi-birthday for Cip & Christine at TempleSF.  Thumbs up to Jess and Shells for documenting some of the night because those photos captured the exact essence of that moment in time.  Shout out to the ladies residing on Grijalva for a ridiculously awesome time at Sudachi! Somehow after Sudachi we managed to get to Temple SF for free, thanks to the wonderwoman Rachel hooking us up with those VIP passes! The money we saved all went into the late-night run to Carl’s Jr. where we feasted like kings on overly-fried zuchinni’s, ranch fries, and stale-bunned western bacon chesseburgers. haha.

hahahahaha got that weird “du-du-du-du-du” sound stuck in my head

this song was playing everywhere that night. if i lose readers because this song is “whack”, i don’t care. haha.


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