Be Mine

Intuitively speaking she’s gotta be the best,
See her in a large crowd, separated from the rest.

And that’s that. I didn’t get very far with my poem for Valentine’s Day. I don’t think I’m really a big fan of it and no, it’s not just because I’m single. Punks! haha. I figure there shouldn’t be a single day to celebrate love when everyday is special in it’s own way, as cliche as that may sound. I guess it’s cool in a sense that a lot of people seem to be happy even when it’s raining here in SF. And by people I mean couples. The thing I find most interesting/funny are the millions of people hating on the holiday because they’re single. It’s honestly not the end of the world my friend! We’re still young and there’s a lot of time for us to find someone that’s compatible, so don’t let this day bring ya down =).

Yeah, don’t have anything really insightful to say on this post. I’m just saddened when I read/hear my friends say depressing things just because they don’t have anybody to celebrate today with.

To the couples, Happy Valentine’s Day! And to the single ladies, my number is (310)… hahaha


almost forgot


everybody’s doing it!

coolest scene in the movie.


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