Free As A Frisbee

Well guys, I murdered all 3 exams. I’m free from tests for a good month! Bout to undergo retail therapy – free button-up shirt! Keeping the ball rollin’ on this “free” business, SFMTA pardoned my MUNI citation so they refunded my citation…I’m FREE! So that explains the free shirt because I can use some of the “city’s” money to cop some fresh threads. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

Hit the mall up to wait for the rain to pass and ran into my new go-to shop FULLY LACED. In addition to carrying their own products, they supply the notables like IN4MATION, ADAPT, SNAPBACKS, and my biggie STUSSY. Glad I got rained on.

No Rain, No Rainbows!

uh ohhh… time for one helluva weekend!



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