Going Out Strong

Definitely not a WEAKend.

Hit up Nihon Whiskey Lounge (1779 Folsom St.) with the brochachos and some of the homegirls. Two Peaty Old Fashioned’s left my mouth smelling like I ate straight up campfire logs. It tasted good, nonetheless.

Saturday was full of events eventful. Rocked out at Kimo’s to the homies Soul, Mr. Free, & Evan-even-isenhower’s (haha) performance. Also had the opportunity to meet teacher/MC Random aka Megaran from Arizona, who definitely brought the house down. What better to do after the show then get sauced, right? Mobbed over to Sudachi and did some work there, but why describe the night when a photo’s worth a thousand words?

Great weekend to hit the pause button on the party animal antics until spring break.

“bout time somebody pull back the curtain”. special appearance by mel haha.

haha we went to denny’s after his show, too. (this is an old video though)

rainy days…

…and because i know some people enjoy country music on rainy days haha


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