As most of you know, Japan was rocked by a series of earthquakes followed by tsunamis. I’ve got madd family all throughout Japan so it’s only natural to be concerned with ANY updates the news has to report. In addition to fam, I’ve got the homies Charley, Dean-o, Jay, Melody, Yuji & the Yonekura’s, and the Yonsei fam out there. It’s tough to see images of people suffering through nature’s bullshit but now that its happened, the best thing to do is to cooperate with one another. I know there aren’t people in the far east reading my crap but if shit goes down in the westcoast (SF just broadcasted a tsunami warning arriving here round 8:08AM) it’s important that we all stay level-headed and cooperate with each other. Japan seems to be cooperating with each other really well despite the chaos and I hope the surrounding countries and Hawaii take heed to my words. Remain strong Nippon.

Strength of mind and heart
Disastrous, if you don’t have
From it. Do not part.
-Risha Ahmed (12 years old)



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