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San Los Vegas: World Class Wrecking Crew

If you’re in Vegas this weekend, we’ll see ya there!



Sexy Music For Ya!

Vegas on the brain. No, this isn’t the pregame-hotelroom-fistpumping type of jams but more like the music you chill to when you wake up the next morning…except for the Zion I track (that one you’re more than welcomed to wil’out to)

The Weeknd. Off their mixtape “House of Balloons“. Currently listening to the album on r-r-r-repeat. As you should too.

I think I just swagged in my pants. haha

Off of Zion I x Grouch’s new album “Heroes in the Healing of the Nation”

TOO good not to post another track. I wish I knew how to dance.

In the Middle We Stay Calm

If there were an award for the “Biggest Chicken” when it comes to watching scary movies that have jumpy/surprising scenes, I win hands down. I’ve already got my acceptance speech on deck just in case someone decides to give me that award. The thing is, I react to the crazy $hit that pops up outta no where – much different than simply screaming like a little girl running around as if her head were cut-off. How’s that even possible? Aiite time to stop beating around the bush. So I’m sure most of ya’ll have heard how some old dude predicting the next big earthquake to hit us (Californians) some time between March 19th and March 26th. Jim Berkland (the “old dude”), a geologist with the USGS, predicted the 1988 earthquake in SF before so I’m kinda worried that this dude might be correct again, as much as that sucks. Basically there’s some clockwise trend going within the Ring of Fire starting from South America to New Zealand to Japan and the last stop around our neck of the woods. I’m the kinda guy who likes to prepare before doing anything so I’m not kidding when I tell you that I got 3 pairs of shoes ready in my living room and my closet doors open so I can throw important $hit into my suitcase and jet out of my apartment. I’m actually not too worried about the earthquake in general, but moreso on my apartment building. You see, I live on the 6th floor with a BUNCH of senior citizens in a structure that was built in the 50s. If I’m in this building when/if it goes down, I can throw my suitcase of $hit out my window and then A.) jump out onto the big-ass tree right outside my window, B.) take the fire escape down, or C.) book it down 6 flights of stairs. Knowing that there are a lot of old people and disabled tenants living in my building, I’ll most likely assist them. It’s crazy because I don’t know any of their names yet I talk to them quite often when I see them. Oh yeah, so I guess if I do end up going with option A, I won’t be able to help my neighbors so we’ll omit that option. Yeahhhh man, it’s just wild that I’ve actually designed on how I want to escape this building and knowing what I want to bring and all. And on top of all this madness, I’ve been listening to Adele and some other romantic/lovey-dovey/what-if music nonsense which got me thinking that I should actually live up to my New Year’s resolution of not holding $hit back cuz I don’t wanna have any regrets. Ya dig? I know it’s selfish of me to think like this when my peoples in Japan are suffering so I’ll end it right here.

**I don’t mean to scare you with this post but it doesn’t hurt to always be prepared. Think about that ant & the grasshopper story. I’d refresh your minds but I think it’s easier to just click the link.

Cue random music to listen to:

half Iranian, half English. *drool

playing this since 10:07pm. it’s been 4 hours & 1 minute now.


Cooler Than Anti-Freeze

Last night’s shenanigans was sequel to the previous night’s warehouse party. If you think about it, it’s kinda like the ultimate pregame leading up to the party. 330 Ritch was definitely off the chain with DJ D-Sharp waxing the tables with dopea$$ tunes and props to the venue showing Wild Style on the screens. Haha. Pac Div brought fire performing new tracks but the place blew up (or it seemed like it did from my lens cuz I was wildin’ out) once I heard, “I ain’t never been no lyin’ a** n****, I keep my s*** quiet I ain’t tryin’ to brag withcha”. Pac Div performing “Pac Div”. Consequence peformed right after, too. I was surprised about his performance cuz when I saw him open for Musiq Soulchild back in the day, he kinda wasn’t very good. What am I saying, he was horrible back then live. He did work last night though so that was cool. Special appearance made by Phife Dawg of ATCQ rapped alongside with Cons. All in all, one of the coolest times in my “music” life.

Did I mention Jameson Whiskey was promoting themselves that night? Choice hip-hop and choice alcohol?? I must’ve done something good extraordinary to have been THIS lucky. That’s probably why I went to bed at 6:43AM and woke up at 4pm this morning afternoon…

So Let’s Shepherd the Herd

I don’t even know how to start this post. Well it’s apparent I decided by saying how I don’t know how to start it.

Homeboy Justin Time – with his infinite knowledge on knowing what the heck is up – spread word to me about PAC DIV rollin’ through to SF at a last-minute party held inside a vert ramp warehouse, cleverly dubbed the Vertramp Warehouse. Located in Hunter’s Point, I was kinda skeptical about going there in the first place but I’m at that point where I trust the city. Plus Pac Div was gonna be there so ya gotta just overlook that crap. Nah mean?! So the party was thrown by Arnelle and her UNSCRIPTED crew along with Creative Sessions. I just gotta mention & show madd love to Arnelle for introducing me, Shells, and Don to Mibbs, Like, and BeYoung cuz that was $%^&* radical. Definitely a trooper for having a full-leg brace and holding it all down.

Oh yeah, another cool thing to point out from last night was the attire. I felt like a collective of Spring threads came to life at the warehouse in sense that everybody was sporting local wear. I think I was just being even more observant cuz I was pretty damn throwed. Haaa

330 Ritch tonight to catch the Pac Div performance along with Consequence and D-Sharp!

download link for Pac Div’s new mixtape MANIA



As most of you know, Japan was rocked by a series of earthquakes followed by tsunamis. I’ve got madd family all throughout Japan so it’s only natural to be concerned with ANY updates the news has to report. In addition to fam, I’ve got the homies Charley, Dean-o, Jay, Melody, Yuji & the Yonekura’s, and the Yonsei fam out there. It’s tough to see images of people suffering through nature’s bullshit but now that its happened, the best thing to do is to cooperate with one another. I know there aren’t people in the far east reading my crap but if shit goes down in the westcoast (SF just broadcasted a tsunami warning arriving here round 8:08AM) it’s important that we all stay level-headed and cooperate with each other. Japan seems to be cooperating with each other really well despite the chaos and I hope the surrounding countries and Hawaii take heed to my words. Remain strong Nippon.

Strength of mind and heart
Disastrous, if you don’t have
From it. Do not part.
-Risha Ahmed (12 years old)


Case of the $%^&*#@ Mondays

I’m just not a fan of this past particular Monday. That is all. But I shouldn’t complain because there are those who have crappier Mondays than I do – like Charlie Sheen. Keep your head up Mr. Sheen!

Strangely, you’re still inspiring folks.

Keep a pair of fire proof headphones and an extinguisher near you cuz we’re bringin’ the fiyahh. Stay tuned (wink, wink, hug, hug, slap, slap, pound, up, down, snap)