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Cooler Than Anti-Freeze

Last night’s shenanigans was sequel to the previous night’s warehouse party. If you think about it, it’s kinda like the ultimate pregame leading up to the party. 330 Ritch was definitely off the chain with DJ D-Sharp waxing the tables with dopea$$ tunes and props to the venue showing Wild Style on the screens. Haha. Pac Div brought fire performing new tracks but the place blew up (or it seemed like it did from my lens cuz I was wildin’ out) once I heard, “I ain’t never been no lyin’ a** n****, I keep my s*** quiet I ain’t tryin’ to brag withcha”. Pac Div performing “Pac Div”. Consequence peformed right after, too. I was surprised about his performance cuz when I saw him open for Musiq Soulchild back in the day, he kinda wasn’t very good. What am I saying, he was horrible back then live. He did work last night though so that was cool. Special appearance made by Phife Dawg of ATCQ rapped alongside with Cons. All in all, one of the coolest times in my “music” life.

Did I mention Jameson Whiskey was promoting themselves that night? Choice hip-hop and choice alcohol?? I must’ve done something good extraordinary to have been THIS lucky. That’s probably why I went to bed at 6:43AM and woke up at 4pm this morning afternoon…